Your core systems are the future.

We take you there.

  • i-cademy

    • individivual fun with learning
    • learning from practice
    • modern training methods
  • Optimizing Application Development

    • Eclipse based IDEs (RDz, RDI/RDP)
    • application understanding
    • improving code quality
  • Renew your Userinterface

    • Web 2.0 integration & extension
    • Unicode enabling
    • Mobile devices + WebServices
  • Adabas / Natural migration

    • Adabas to RDBMS migration
    • Natural and Java coexistence
    • Web 2.0 for Natural MAPs
  • Application transformation

    • smart language reconstruction
    • zIIP – „your host loves Java!“
    • custom-made transformation
  • Software projects

    • Functional code works
    • RPG, COBOL and JAVA Skill
    • Flexible, nearby und affordable
  • CSP / VAGen migration

    • Transfer of CSP
    • VAGen to EGL
    • Java

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Modernization saves the future

Software modernization of applications on IBM i is an important aspekt to guarantee the safety of the future.
Date: 08/2013 Source: Midrange Magazin

IBM announces IBM Rational Business Partner Award winners and finalists 2013

PKS Software is one of the finalists in the category „Innovation in Enterprise Modernization Development“.
Date: 06/2013 Source: PKS Software GmbH


PKS i-cademy arrives!


PAAS Whitepaper

Making IT experiences visible with PAAS!


Generation Y Whitepaper

Managing the alternation of generations and rising your competitiveness actively!


eXcite for IBM i

The integration platform for your applications. Integrates. Optimizes. Inspires.


SMART Whitepaper

The smart way from ADABAS/NATURAL into a more open, future-proof application architecture


eXcite - Mobile-Extension bei Zapf (460 sec)

Updated: 2014-08-11 09:58:37

Die eXcite Podcast Serie Die eXcite Mobile-Extension im Produktive Einsatz bei der Firma ZAPF Garagen in Bayreuth

Retten Sie Ihren Feierabend mit dem modernen Software-Analysewerkzeug PAAS (2834 sec)

Updated: 2014-08-08 14:08:38

Retten Sie Ihren Feierabend mit dem modernen Software-Analysewerkzeug PAAS

Making IT experience visible, turning the change of generation gainfully while preventing your resources!

The growing complexity of software and the change of generation in the IT can be dangerous for the whole company. If an experienced developer is leaving, often lots of information about running applications get lost. The IT endangers business success.The major challenge in the change of generation is obvious.

How could these challenges be prevented effectively and smart? Which tools and solutions could help?
We assist you on the way to modernize your software securely and sustainably with PAAS (PKS Application Analysis Suite).

This is what our customers say:



"We are very satisfied with cooperation and support. It was proved to be true what we expected of the evaluation period. We received many important impulses from PKS and we developed great teamwork over the past years. That is why we were glad to implement other projects with PKS, too. Because of that we see PKS as our #1 technology partner, who accompanies us on our way and makes us more successful." Klaus Turin, Manager of Development, AVUS


"I have never been allowed to work with such a highly motivated external team in my role of a project leader. I adopted the methods of solving problems and the painstaking approach to my team. This led to sophisticated and highly professional results within our mutual projects. Our customers acknowledge that. Working with PKS is commendable." Frank Landewee, ICT Consultant & Enterprise Architect, Atos


"If you know how to handle it, it is very easy! We are glad to have a competent IBM Business Partner with PKS Software. Someone, who supported us duteously with this important intention." Alexander Jung, Manager of Organization, OUI

Trinks GmbH

“All of our developers were very impressed by both - the professional competence and the training expertise of the PKS employee/developer. The training agenda and the support met all our expectations. The compacted introduction phase as suggested by PKS and the following intense coaching suited our need in an optimal way. I recommend PKS to every POWER i customer who wants to benefit from capable expertise in RDP environment. Surely we would like to work together with PKS in the future.” Detlef Waschke, IT manager, Trinks GmbH

Many companies have modernized with us already. Would you like to join us?
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